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Keep Safe works in partnership with Police Scotland and a network of local businesses to create ‘Keep Safe’ places for disabled, vulnerable, and elderly people when out and about in the community. People can access these premises to seek assistance and help if they feel lost, confused, scared, in danger, or have been the victim of a crime. Keep Safe cards are available and detail information about any health conditions, communication requirements and who to contact in the event of an emergency.

New Products

A Keep Safe Scotland phone app is available to download free from iOS and Android. This app maps out Keep Safe places across Scotland, encouraging people to travel independently across local authority boundaries. Routes can be planned in advance or the app can help users to find their nearest Keep Safe place. A link to Police Scotland also provides a section for easy third party reporting.

Show Offer

In addition to the Keep Safe places, the charity also works with schools and disability groups to train young people and disabled people to become Keep Safe Ambassadors. This training is delivered in partnership with Police Scotland and discusses bullying, hate crime, impact, the bystander approach and how to report incidents safely. If you would like to become a Keep Safe Ambassador - email us iamme@renfrewshire.gov.uk, or visit us at our stall to find out more!