HCPC New and Revised Guidance

This session will give you key updates from the Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC). The HCPC is the statutory regulator of over 350,000 professionals including occupational therapists, physiotherapists, and speech and language therapists. The HCPC exists to protect the public and sets standards which professionals must meet, as well as protecting professional titles. This presentation will be of interest to all HCPC registrants. It will cover recent developments including revised guidance on confidentiality, continuing professional development and the use of social media.Don’t miss this opportunity to learn how these standards and associated guidance affect you and your professional practice. Learning outcomes:

  • Have gained a better understanding of the role and the standards of the Health and Care Professions Council
  • Learnt about new published guidance from the HCPC on meeting the regulator’s standards                                                      
  • Learnt about the HCPC’s guidance on the use of social media for HCPC registrants

Jonathan joined the Health and Care Professions Council in June 2008. As Stakeholder Communications Manager, he is responsible for communicating the HCPC’s standards and processes to a wide range of external audiences including registrants, employers, and parliamentarians.He has spoken widely across the UK on a range of topics, including meeting the HCPC’s standards.His background is in publishing and charity communications and he was previously Communications Manager for the disability and gardening charity Thrive.