Seating, Posture and Pressure Care

Achieving good posture is vital to daily living. It enables independence, encourages interaction, allows safe eating and drinking, promotes physiological function, and manages comfort levels. Sometimes our ability to achieve good posture is affected, either through injury or disability, and this can have a significant impact on our health and wellbeing.Specialist seating aims to allow individuals, who might otherwise have difficulty, to sit out and enjoy life. This presentation will explore specialist seating and how it impacts on quality of life.We will consider its role in the management of posture and pressure, and discuss the five essential considerations for achieving successful seating.Learning outcomes:

  • Understand the importance of specialist seating in managing posture and pressure
  • Appreciate the impact specialist seating can have on daily living, and ultimately quality of life
  • Understand the key points for achieving successful specialist seating.

Rebecca is a Physiotherapy graduate from the University of Southampton. She considers herself fortunate to have specialised in learning disabilities on graduating. However, she has broadened her knowledge and skills by acquiring clinical experience throughout her career across neurology, mental health, intermediate and elderly care, and paediatric services, both within the NHS and private sector.She is passionate about complex assessment, 24-hour postural management, and raising awareness of the importance of specialist seating in enhancing quality of life.She thanks her sister who has profound disabilities, and for whom she cares for two days a week, for the motivation to want to make a difference.