Showcase OT Scotland

Andrea’s presentation will describe how the Pocket Ideas journey began with that ‘light bulb’ moment. An idea shared, led to recruitment of the ‘Activity team’ and a concept became a reality through partnership working and support from management.Pocket Ideas developed by reinforcing the benefits of meaningful activity in a ward environment for older people, leading by example and involving the multi-disciplinary team in project discussions. A prototype was created which was piloted on the ward with support of the team. Positive outcomes were gained from the initial evaluation. Following the pilot, endowment funding was secured to have the project professionally designed and printed, to have additional pilot sites using improvement methodology, to establish the Champions Network Forum and to officially launch Pocket Ideas.The project has gained local and national interest, and 2 awards have been achieved. Next steps include the national launch of Pocket Ideas. Learning outcomes: 

  • Have gained an understanding of Pocket Ideas and how the resource can be used

 Andrea has been an Occupational Therapist for 23 years, with a wide range of experiences in the NHS from in-patient settings, day hospitals, and community and in development roles. Most of her experience has been with older people within the field of mental health.As a therapist she is innovative, creative, enthusiastic, dedicated and passionate about making a difference. She is extremely passionate about meaningful activity, and is involved in the leadership of Activity Workshop Training, chair Activity Network Forum, involved in the development of the Activity website and support and facilitate activity related projects. recent projects include intergenerational work with a local academy using Pocket Ideas, and GAME project at Woodland View Hospital, Irvine which supports use of meaningful activity in each patient’s care plan every day.