Professional Development Seminars at Independent Living Scotland
Professional Development Seminars at Independent Living Scotland

Healthcare Professionals Theatre

First class content delivered by industry leaders - download a pdf version of the programme here.

A comprehensive two-day conference programme, led by thought-leaders and practioners, will offer Scottish healthcare professionals with the chance to network with fellow professionals, update on the issues and challenges they face in their day-to-day lives and gain valuable CPD.

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* College of Occupational Therapists recommended session.


Wednesday 7th October
Re-shaping care for Older People
Thursday 8th October
Children, young people and families

10:15 'Living it up' - Self-management website: How was it designed and the key assets.

SmartCare - Digital Tool to support people recovering from a fall and preventing the risk of a fall.

10:15 Self-Management: Developments to support young people with disabilities and their families. 
10:50 Community engagement and health service development in Annandale and Eskdale: making a positive difference to older people's lives. 10:50 Techniques and equipment to support children and young people with complex disabilities who need help to mobilise.
11:30 KEYNOTE: The AHP Delivery Plan 2012-2015; What's been achieved and priorities for the future? 11:30 KEYNOTE: A National Plan for children, young people and families.
12:10 Preventing Hospital Admissions: Developing a Hospital at Home Service in Lanarkshire. 12:10 What are the principals of integration and how can they be used to inform occupational therapy service delivery and development? *
12:45 Falls Prevention: Up and about in Care Homes. 12:45 Meeting HCPC's Standards for Continuing Professional Development.
1:20 Integrating Occupational Therapy Services. * 1:20 Shifting the balance of power: empowering young people and carers through innovative approaches to self-management.
1:55 Assisting older people with complex health conditions to move safely.  1:55 Postural support and the growing child.
2:30 Making the most of life when you are living with dementia - what occupational therapists offer. * 2:30 Co-production in Practice: Introducing the Rainbow Programme - working in partnership with parents to realise each young person's potential. *
3:05 Meeting HCPC's Standards for Continuing Professional Development. 3:05 21st Century TeleWEAR Project. From co-design to market.