Stepping Up The Mark

In response to national and international recruitment challenges new opportunities have arisen for non-medical leadership roles for which Allied Health Professionals are ideally placed. In this presentation Jenny will explore the experiences she’s had as a Consultant Occupational Therapist during her 1st year as a Non-Medical Clinical Lead for Neurological Rehabilitation.  She will cover aspects of strategic leadership; co-creation of a shared vision and turning that vision into the reality.She will discuss the impact of leadership for individuals including: those who use our services; staff response to change including their health, wellbeing and resilience; individual services and the impact on the wider organisation. She will also reflect on aspects of career planning for individuals who aspire to leadership roles.Learning outcomes:

  • Be able to critically reflect on the contribution of the Allied Health Professions in the transformation of health and social care.
  • Be able to examine strategic and clinical leadership in practice and how this impacts on individuals, services and the wider organisation

Dr Jenny Preston MBE is a Consultant Occupational Therapist within NHS Ayrshire and Arran with over 30 years’ clinical experience in neurological rehabilitation.  She completed her PhD in 2009 and has had many peer reviewed papers published and is author and editor of “Occupational Therapy and Neurological Conditions.” She is currently Chair of the Royal College of Occupational Therapists Specialist Section Neurological Practice.  As well as her leadership roles, Jenny continues to learn much from individuals, who experience the impact of neurological conditions on their lives, through her clinical practice. One of Jenny’s proudest moments as an occupational therapist was being recognised in the New Year Honours List 2017.