There's No Place Like Home... Living Well in Communities

Living Well in Communities programme consists of Intermediate Care & Reablement, Falls & Frailty, Anticipatory Care Planning, Palliative Care & Neighbourhood Care.  The session will give an overview of how you can support people to live well at home. Learning outcomes:

  • Assessment & Intervention tools to support someone to live well in their community.
  • Practical application of assessment & intervention tools     

  Lianne is currently an Improvement Advisor with Living Well in Communities, Healthcare Improvement Scotland. She is responsible for both the Falls & Frailty and Intermediate Care and Reablement programmes.  She works closely with the Active Independent Living Improvement Programme (AILIP) to support the scale and pace of local Falls & Frailty pathways in particular Lanarkshire, Highland, Argyll & Bute, Glasgow City, Inverclyde, East & West Dunbartonshire, Borders.She is also the Falls Forum Lead for the Royal College of Occupational Therapists Specialist Section for Older People and was part of the guideline development group for Occupational Therapy in the Prevention and Management of Falls in Adults – Practice GuidelinesRecent publications include the Frailty & falls assessment & intervention tool, Intermediate Care & Reablement scoping and development of a live ATLAS.